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Homes For Sale In Matthews, NC

Matthews, NC  is a Great Place to Live and Buy a House

Matthews, North Carolina is a growing community with plenty to offer the modern homeowner. From excellent schools and parks to beautiful homes and great restaurants and shopping, Matthews has something for everyone. With so many great features, it’s no wonder why more and more people are making Matthews their home. 

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Newest Properties For Sale in Matthews, NC

10 Reasons to Make Matthews Your New Home

    1. Excellent Schools: Matthews is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, one of the best school districts in the state of North Carolina. The district is well-funded and committed to providing quality education for its students.


    1. Parks and Recreation: Matthews has a wide variety of parks that offer everything from walking trails to playgrounds and sports fields. There’s something for everyone here!


    1. Great Restaurants & Shopping: Whether you’re looking for fine dining or casual eateries, you’ll find plenty of options in Matthews. From classic American fare to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone in town! The same goes for shopping – there are plenty of stores offering everything from clothes to furniture to unique gifts.


    1. Affordable Homes: The cost of living in Matthews is lower than most cities in North Carolina, making it an attractive option for those on a budget who still want access to all the amenities they need.


    1. Friendly Community: One thing that stands out about living in Matthews is how friendly the locals are! Everyone here takes pride in their community and always makes time to get involved with local events or activities that benefit their neighbors or fellow residents.


    1. Close Proximity To Charlotte: Being just minutes away from Charlotte means that you can easily get downtown without having to battle city traffic or long commutes! You can also enjoy all the attractions that Charlotte has to offer without having to live downtown itself (which often times comes with much higher prices).


    1. Historic Downtown Area: While modern amenities abound throughout town, there is still an old-world charm about downtown Matthew’s Main Street area where you can find quaint antique shops and classic restaurants serving up delicious Southern cuisine every day!   


    1. Safety & Security: Thanks to its close proximity with Charlotte as well as its own police force, it ’ s easy t o feel safe when living in Matthews. The community has low crime rates, meaning you can feel secure when walking down the street so rleaving your home for longer periods of time.   


    1. Easy Access To Public Transportation: Whether you need to get to work quickly, visit family across the state, or just get around town, Matthew’s public transportation system makes it easier than ever! Buses run regularly throughout town so you don’t have worry about relying on your car all the time.   


    1. Local Events & Attractions: From car shows to cultural festivals, Matthews has its fair share of local events and attractions! Every year there are new events popping up all over town so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the fun things happening close by! 


    Make Matthews Your Next Homefront!  When it comes down to it , Matthews i s an amazing place that has something for everyone! All tese reasons make Matthews one of the best places in North Carolina that you could possibly call home! So why not make that move today? You won’t regret it!